Premium 99.99 % new roof top tent for sale

空间足 + 便捷 + 结实 + 小于一部Iphone的价格 = 全家开心露营,省下酒店钱!一家3口,出外2-3周,旅店钱就回来了。

打开后,3.1米长* 1.4米 宽 * 1 米左右高。
折叠起来,1.4米长 * 1.4 米宽 * 30厘米厚。
Opened: 3.1 m * 1.4 m* 1 m
folded: 1.4 m * 1.4 m * 0.3 m

* 咨询前,请确定你的车行驶时能承载65kg的货(不包括人的重量,一般说明书或者google就能找到)。静止时无所谓,基本80%的10年内的车,都能承受261lb(大约270左右公斤)。
* Make sure that your car is affordable to a 65 kg goods on the top when driving. Don't need to worry about when it is static. Most cars can handle 261 lb.

  • 请自备车顶行李架。叫roof rack。
  • To install the tent, you may need a roof rack first.

*真心想当天看当天买,请自备两高个男生。如果车矮,就不用高个。 整个帐篷就65kg,男生基本无压力就举起来,关键男生海拔要高于车就好。
* If you really want it, please come along with two talk men (No need to super strong).

  • 价格包括车顶帐篷,铝合金梯子,活动空间的帐篷,床垫(可拆洗,我们已经洗干净),帐篷罩子 以及窗户支架。
  • The price includes tent, ladder, annex, mattress (we have cleaned since we used for 2 weeks), cover and the stands for the "windows".

有人担心车顶风力大。我当时在Cape reinga 的海边露营,那个妖风杀伤力应该不用怀疑的。整个晚上下来,稳的很,支架都是2-3根手指粗的。
We are two adults and one 5-yr-old kid. The space is sufficient to put some stuffs at the back of the bed.
The tent is strong enough to fight with heavy wind from the beach around Cape reinga.

Phone: 0291229090 (text only)

Condition: Used item
Regions: Auckland
Shipping options:
Delivery available
Is there a deposit or bond required on pickup?: No
Request ID & address proof or setting up rental agreements ( download it on the menu )?: No

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