Information about LaLaRent

How it works

How LaLaRent Works

LaLaRent  is an online marketplace that makes it easy to rent the items you need, and lend out the stuff you don’t. Our platform connects kiwis all over the country, allowing them to safely exchange items with their neighbours through a safe and secure network.

For Renters:

Whether you need to borrow tools for a project, rent decorations for a party, or hire golf clubs for a weekend away, LaLaRent has you covered. Getting started is easy:

1. Find an item
Sign-up for a free account and start searching for what you need
2. Submit a request
Chat with the owner if you have any questions, then submit a rental request
3. Pay securely
Once your request is verified and confirmed, pay through our secure network 
4. Enjoy your rental
Arrange collection or delivery and starting using your item
5. Return to lender
When you're done, return it to the owner as per your agreement. 

Tips for renting goods on LaLaRent:

● Reach out to lenders
Most owners keep their listings brief, so if you have any questions, special requirements, or simply want to know a bit more, send them a direct message through the “Contact” option on the listing. This way you can find out if the item is going to be suitable for what you need, and easily work out any arrangements directly with the owner.
● Always check availability
Goods can be in high demand, so if it's a last minute request for the weekend, holidays, or other peak times, message the owner prior to submitting a booking request to avoid disappointment.
● Reach out to the LalaRent team
Need more help? Just send us an email . We're here to make sure you find and rent the perfect item for you. 


For Owners:

If you have got extra stuff lying around that could be put to good use, set yourself up as a Rental Listing Owner and start earning money.

1. List your item.
Sign-up for an account and list your items to rent here in minutes.
2. Review rental requests.
Interested renters will communicate directly with you to discuss specifics, and you have the freedom to accept or deny requests at your discretion.
3. Share your item.
Once a booking is confirmed, arrange collection and return with the happy renter in your community.
4. Make extra cash
All payments are made through our secure network, so you can rest easy while earning more.

Tips when listing your goods on LaLaRent:

● Make your listing stand out
Be as descriptive and thorough as possible! The more detailed your listing is, the more interest and rental requests it will generate.
● Get snap happy
Use the highest quality photos you have so renters can see what you are offering. You can also add a stock image as the cover if you'd like. The better the images, the more rental requests you'll receive. 
● Be specific
Please mention and identify any logistical specifics, and/or booking agreement(s) that you might require of users to accept and comply with in your listing.
● Check out other listings
Seeing what others have put up can help you figure out what to put on your own listing. If you would like to see an example listing, you can view this one for reference.
● Set up a secure payment method
Add your bank account details to easily receive money from buyers or renters.
● Get in touch with the LalaRent team
Need some help with your listings or still have questions? Reach out to us here. We're always here to help!

Fees, Payments, and Disputes

To cover our costs for payment processing + marketplace operations, we charge an 8% transaction fee, which includes the Stripe fee. The Stripe fee is based on your account's fees and is usually around 2.9%.

In the event that there is a dispute, you are covered by Stripe's Payment Protection. For this reason, we use Stripe as the form of payment for all transactions.

Community Guidelines:

We take the safety of our community seriously, so our team will review all listings and remove any that are suspicious and/or violate our community rules (see below).

1. Respect all other members and do not send spam, offensive, or threatening messages, leave comments, or engage in any other form of offensive communication.
2. Only create listings for goods you own, are authorized to rent, and are in safe condition to use.  (It is not permitted to list any Dangerous Goods, such as Chemicals, Alcohols, Tobacco or Weapons)
3. Try to answer all messages in a timely fashion.  
4. The LaLaRent is a third-party marketplace and by using it, you must also comply with New Zealand laws, regulations, safety measures, and/or booking agreement(s) by listing owners that are applicable. 
5. We do not allow contact information or external links (URL's) on listings and/or in images that are added to listings.  This includes emails, websites, and phone numbers.
6. For the safety and security of our community, we do not allow contact information to be sent through our messaging prior to a confirmed booking. Sending messages containing your personal information, contact information, or taking transactions off our platform is against our policies and can result in being removed from our community.